Lotus japonicus mutant finder

This database contains information from the screening of approximately 4000 M2 families of Lotus japonicus generated by EMS mutagenesis (for further details see Perry et al., below). Screening was carried out on morphological characters, symbiotic characteristics and starch content although not all material was screened for all the characters. It also contains information on genes identified as mutations via TILLING. Number in brackets following sub-class denotes number of lines in that class. Pull-down menus allow you to pick one or more character classes and sub-classes or genes to generate a list of line numbers for which more information can be obtained including an image, if available or appropriate. Images are based on the first character screened and not necessarily the most interesting. Line numbers are given as xxx-y where xxx is the M2 family number and y the individual plant, thus plants with the same M2 number are siblings.

For further information see: details of database contentclick here for more details pdfor Perry et al., Plant Physiology 131: 866-871, 2003click here to launch pdf version

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Text last updated 16.4.2003